Terms and Conditions

The web and mobile applications that constitute Your Own Takeaway App are provided by:

Dotsquares Limited
Unit 2, Albourne Court,
Henfield Road,
West Sussex,

Registered in England & Wales No.: 4381390, VAT Reg.: 868 8581 51

By using the Your Own Takeaway App service you accept our terms and conditions. Should we change our terms at any time, from the next purchase of credit or monthly instalment means that you accept the modified terms.

Within this document, Dotsquares Ltd, may be referred to as 'we' or 'the company'. The user of the service will be called, 'the client' or 'the user'. Anyone downloading the mobile application will be called' 'the customer' or 'the end user'.

We do not provide and food, drink or any other product sold through the Your Own Takeaway App service. Nor do we provide delivery and are not responsible for any financial transactions between our client and their customers.

Both the web and mobile application software are provided free of charge and use of the software is the responsibility of the user and the end user.

We will customise the web and mobile application with the client's name and logo. The client is responsible for entering information into the web application (menu items, location, opening hours, delivery area etc). The Company will not be responsible for information being entered incorrectly.

The web application will be hosted by the company's own web-server. The company will hold all required data to allow the service to run and will do so in line with The Data Protection Act 1998. The information is held on behave of the client and will not be used directly by the company.

Mobile Applications will be submitted to the relevant App Store (iTunes, Google Play etc) for downloading by the end user.

We may provide such imagery as QR codes, which the user is required to display on their menus, packaging and to provide download links on the app stores on their website.

All prices below are exclusive of VAT.

Payment for the App is monthly:

Monthly payments

There is a monthly charge of £49 for using the App.

There will be a one-off setup fee of £150 to be paid with the first monthly installment prior to your App being developed.

We retain the right to suspend or cancel the Your Own Takeaway App service should there be any breach of the terms of this agreement.

Force Majeure: We will not be liable or responsible for any events outside our reasonable control, including but not restricted to, strikes, lock-outs, riot, terrorist attack, war, fire, explosion, natural disaster, telecommunications or network coverage or the acts, decrees, legislation, regulations or restrictions of any government. Should the service become permanently inoperable following such events, all efforts will be made to return unused credits to clients.

This agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with British laws of England and Wales.